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"I've Made $6 Million Online But If I Lost Everything (Except My Underpants) This is How I'd Get It All Back Fast - Without Needing To Buy Ads, Software or Become an Expert..."

Attend This LIVE $6M Underpants Bootcamp on Thursday 8th July for Free, and Only Pay Afterwards If Delighted...

Pay $0 Today and Then Just $67 AFTER the Bootcamp and ONLY if You Are Delighted. Cancellation Instructions Are Provided at End of Live Bootcamp:

Read On to Discover The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Naked Truth About How To Generate Sales Online, From Scratch...

From: Michael Cheney
RE: "The $6M Underpants LIVE Bootcamp" on Thursday 8th July 2021

Dear Friend,

Frustrating ResultsWhen I started out online back in 1995 I thought I knew it all, but boy was I wrong...

I was spending huge sums of money on training, software and investing hundreds of hours of my life into the pipe-dream of making sales online.

All with nothing to show for it.

I was frustrated;

"How hard can this thing really be? Surely I can do this - I'm hard-working, I'm of average intelligence..."

"If Other People Can Do This, Why Can't I?"

Why can't I get results for all my hard work?

This is where I was - and it royally sucks.

I was deep in debt and living in a one-bedroom apartment.

My life was hell.

I would slave away in a day-job for ten hours a day, and then literally run home so I could try and crack the internet marketing code.

But nothing.

Heart-break after heart-break...

"I Must Be Missing a Key Piece of the Puzzle Here..."

Missing Piece of the JigsawI started questioning myself - is there something wrong with me?

I'd spent tens of thousands  trying to crack this, but had nothing to show for it.

"What am I missing?"

"What is the ONE THING I could do to turn this around and start getting results?"

Then came the...

"Bad News - My Partner Pulled Me for the Awkward 'Sit Down Chat' at the Kitchen Table..."

I felt sick...

"Why are you spending all this time and money online with nothing to show for it?", she asked.

"When is this ever going to work?", she said.

"When are you going to quit and give up on this?", she asked.

I just desperately wanted something to show my partner so she would believe in me...

"Everybody Else Was a Rip-Roaring Success Online and Here I Was - Living Off Ramen Noodles..."

What gives?

Just Over BrokeI was working hard so why wasn't I getting results like everyone else?

But I learned it doesn't work like that.


Maybe I was a little bit scattered in my approach...

But surely after two years of busting my bits I should have seen income?

But nada. Zilch. Zero.

I was down to the last of my savings.

And then it finally happened...

"I Was Just About to Quit When I Made a Decision Which Changed Everything..."

Michael Cheney, Internet Marketing ExpertI plucked up the courage to buy a ticket for a 1-day "bootcamp" in a nearby city.

It was a year's rent money, which I could barely afford, but I took the plunge.

I stepped up, decided it was now or never and took action.

My girlfriend (now wife) thought I was insane.

But I took a deep breath, bought the ticket, attended the bootcamp and the rest, as they say, is history.

In just a few short months I was generating six figures - everything came together.

Everything finally made sense;

"The Missing Piece of the Jigsaw Was Getting to Watch Over the Shoulder of an Expert as They Showed Me >LIVE< Exactly What to Do..."

A real person who's been through the battlefield and come out the other side.

Not a course.

Not a book.

Not another download.

But a real person - interacting with me and answering my questions...

This is what made the difference to me so;

Now I am extending my hand down the ladder to help others come up.

Success is won by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Doing it alone does not work.

And as I discovered - learning from courses and programs just does not cut the mustard.

Everybody needs someone pushing them forward and sharing their strategies live, so they can copy it all and ask questions...


The $6M Underpants LIVE Online Bootcamp

The $6M Underpants Bootcamp

For 20 Years People Have Been Asking Me -

"If you had to start over from scratch, what would you do to start making sales again quickly?"

I've never answered it, until now...

Because on Thursday 8th July 2021, for the first time ever, I will be holding an exclusive LIVE online event to "bare all"...

It's called The $6 Million Underpants Bootcamp...

Yes - I am going to teach this LIVE and in-person (or at least as close to being in-person as we can get).

You see;

I'm going to spend a full day revealing exactly what I would do if I lost everything and had to get it all back fast without spending money on ads, software or becoming an expert.

REVEALED: Every single tactic, every single strategy and every single click of the mouse.

You get to ask me questions, copy everything I do and interact throughout the day.

And the best part?

You can attend without putting any payment down today.

Yes that's right...

I am putting my 20 years' of online business experience where my mouth is here;

People can attend for free and be the judge.

People only pay the day AFTER the Bootcamp and ONLY if they are delighted.

(Instructions on how to cancel will be provided at the end of the Live Bootcamp.)

Here's What I Am Giving You on This LIVE Bootcamp...

You are going to discover...

  • The 2 turnkey tactics which convert even the coldest prospects into RED HOT buyers (and how to use them)
  • How to rake in lots of sales online without money to spend on ads (here's a foolproof way to hit paydirt, fast)
  • The #1 MOST-EFFECTIVE way to make sales online ever invented. (This is worth ten times the "entry fee" on its own.)
  • Why most people are failing at making sales online (this quick fix changes everything)
  • The secret 4-step "hack" which turns epic fails into epic sales (so easy it's laughable)
  • The single biggest mistake online entrepreneurs make (and a 11-minute way to fix it)
  • This 4-letter word made me seven figures (HINT: It's not what you think)

And it doesn't stop there because...

You Are Also Going to Discover...

  • The single biggest sales mistake I ever made (and how to avoid doing the same thing)
  • REVEALED: The 13 hottest niches which pay the most (and how I harvest profits from them, fast)
  • The simple sales system which works best for newbies (and how to get started with it in 59 minutes or less)
  • An amazing discovery which converts stone-cold newbies into hot-selling experts (happens in minutes, not months)
  • The little-known 17-minute secret to attracting lots of hot buyers (no money or expertise required)
  • How I get instant ATTENTION, traffic and sales in any marketplace (without spending money on ads, traffic or PR)
  • 13 Swipe and Deploy Phrases which get me more sales every time (guaranteed)

And your journey of discovery in this 1-Day LIVE Bootcamp with me continues because...

Also Revealed...

  • Why 97% of newbies online never make a single dollar (and a 3-minute hack to avoid this happening)
  • What seven-figure online earners know but broke people don't (anyone can do this)
  • 3 Secret software titles which can make thousands, should cost hundreds but can be found for free (shhhh keep these a secret!)
  • My secret weapon sales software everyone should own (and how to grab it for free)
  • My proprietary formula for turning cold traffic into hot sales (and a mind-blowing, play-by-play walkthrough of how to do it)
  • The #1 biggest mistake which costs online entrepreneurs thousands a day (and a 2-minute method which fixes this in a flash)
  • The brain-dead simple free traffic method which changes everything (people love this one)

Here is Everything You Are Getting...

#1. One-Day Interactive Bootcamp on 8th July 2021 (Starting 10:00AM Eastern)

$6M Underpants BootcampYou will receive an exclusive link to attend this breakthrough online event.

You get to learn live, ask questions and interact with me all throughout the day.

Here's the day's agenda (all times are in USA Eastern, New York time);

SESSION 1 - 10:00AM to 11:30AM Eastern (New York time)
BREAK - 11:30AM to 11:50AM
SESSION 2 -11:50AM to 01:00PM
BREAK - 01:00PM to 1:40PM
SESSION 3 - 01:40PM to 3:00PM
END - 03:00PM Eastern (New York time)


#2. On-Demand Replays of All Sessions

$6M Underpants Bootcamp ReplaysYou get on-demand Replays of every single session from the Bootcamp.

You will have permanent access to every single lesson, discovery and insight to learn whenever you like and watch again and again and again.

Our technical team will work around the clock so you have all recordings by Saturday 10th July (just two days after the Bootcamp).

People who cancel will NOT receive the Replays.


#3. Written Transcripts of Every Single Session

$6M Underpants Bootcamp TranscriptYou are getting written Transcripts you can download for every single Session of the Bootcamp.

Print them out, scribble on them, read them on the train.

You can now learn all these breakthrough strategies on the move and at your own pace.

If watching through the videos is not for you this is a great way to accelerate your learning.

People who cancel will NOT receive the Transcripts.


#4. Audio MP3 Files for Every Session

$6M Underpants Bootcamp MP3 AudiosLearn on the move, learn while jogging or learn in bed! 🙂

The choice is yours;

People will love these downloadable MP3 Audio versions of every Bootcamp Session.

These audios are a great way to cement the key lessons of the day and embed the killer strategies deep into the memory banks.

These audios will be available from Saturday 10th July onwards (just two days after the Bootcamp).

People who cancel will NOT receive the Audios.

Attend for Free and Only Pay the One-Time Investment of $67 Afterwards and Only If Absolutely Delighted...

Get access to this Live Bootcamp for free.

Only pay a one-time investment of $67 afterwards.

And ONLY if absolutely delighted.

Full instructions on how to cancel will be provided at the end of the LIVE Bootcamp.

Pay $0 Today and Then Just $67 AFTER the Bootcamp and ONLY if You Are Delighted. Cancellation Instructions Given at End of Live Bootcamp:

YES - The Sales-Getting Method I'm Revealing on This Bootcamp is Easy and Free to Do Which Means...

  • No need to spend money on ads
  • No need to buy expensive software
  • No need to be an expert or genius

Everybody will love this breakthrough $6M Underpants Bootcamp.

Here is why...

These Things Are NOT Needed to Do This...

  • What You Don't NeedBuying traffic is not needed
  • A mailing list is not needed
  • Staff are not needed
  • A product or a service are not needed
  • Expertise is not needed
  • Expensive  software is not needed
  • Search engine skills are not needed

We have every base covered here, because...

This Method Works in Any Country, in Any Language and in Any Niche

Anyone Can Do ThisAnybody can do this without any experience, no matter where they live and in any niche they want to target.

There are no exceptions.

I'll be walking you through specific examples too, so it's easy to copy this simple method for yourself.

The whole purpose of this Live Bootcamp is to demonstrate what to do if starting out with nothing;

No experience, no ads budget and no expertise.

Here's What People Are Saying...

"Michael, you are a genius, and I use that word rarely. Your friend and fan."

Mark Joyner
Multi-#1 Bestselling Author and Founder of Simpleology

"Michael literally handed me over a seven-figure blueprint.

He is the one person online that I can say without a shadow of a doubt is the REAL DEAL.

Someone who genuinely cares about his students' success.

To say this was worth it, is a major understatement.

It was a life changing decision."

Ben Martin
Columbus, Ohio, USA

"I wanted to work with a proven leader... and it made all the difference in the world. You have to find guys who have what you want and know what you need to know. Michael is one of those guys."

Eric Green
West Virginia, USA

"People often ask me what is the best investment I made in my online business and one of them that I always reply with is when I invested with Michael Cheney.

Anything Michael teaches is proven to work due to his 20+ years of knowledge in the Internet Marketing space.

I always take note when Michael has something new to share with us..."

Paul O'Keeffe
Bangkok, Thailand

"I’ve worked with Kern, Carlton, Kennedy and Deiss but there’s always something missing. So I decided to work with Michael and fill in the gaps - the puzzle pieces. It worked."

John Crosbie
Ohio, USA

"The one word that comes to mind when I think about Michael Cheney is integrity.

Being one of the founding fathers of Internet Marketing as we know it today - he knows the business inside out.

He went beyond the call of duty when helping me create and launch my very first info product...

Yet, his integrity is what sets him apart.

Michael is the real deal!"

Dr. Iva Embley
Denton, Texas, USA

"I went from struggling to daily success without spending any money on ads or having to build a huge list."

Naidy Phoon
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

"I wanted to show my appreciation and gratitude for the life the success that I’ve been able to live because of the stuff that I’ve learned from you.

Since using the strategies for everything that you teach my business has exploded.

I can now support my own family. I’ve got my own beachfront apartment now.

It’s been an amazing journey in this business for me, because of you.

I love you man.

You’re the best thing that’s ever happened in my life."

Rhys Davies
Wales, UK

"I am blown away with everything that’s happened in my life since I started training with you.

And it happened so fast!

You want them to succeed just as badly as they want to succeed.

You truly care about your customers.

I’ve struggled for years and literally within a very short time of maybe 6 weeks, a month, I started seeing huge differences in my actions, in my business, in the way I felt and everything.

We decided to make the big move all the way over to Hawaii.

That is absolutely amazing.

I spent almost six years trying this and you managed to pull it out of me so I could figure it out in a couple of months.

Thank you thank you thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me."

Shannon Satovich
Kihei, Hawaii, USA

"What Michael's doing is really simple.

He didn't hold anything back - really sincere and authentic.

He has a whole lot of experience and sometimes you need someone like Michael to point you the way.

I really love what he's doing now.

This is practical and implementable."

Marlon Sanders
San Antonio, Texas, USA

PLUS:- You Get This Free Mystery Gift Worth $197 for Attending LIVE...

Frankly, this is borderline insane.

And I don't mean "carpet salesman offering 10% off" type of insane...

I mean literally -

Strait-jackets and injections time.

This is how serious I am about helping you succeed.

To reward people for taking action and attending the live Bootcamp I will be giving away a Mystery Free Digital Gift worth $197 to every person at the end of the Bootcamp.

You need to be on the LIVE Bootcamp to get this.

You do NOT want to miss this.

This one component is worth almost THREE TIMEs the price of a ticket to the Bootcamp on its own!

Make sure you are on the Bootcamp LIVE to get this...

YES, Michael! Please Give Me Instant Access to the CONTENT EMPIRE

YES, Get Free Access to This Live $6M Underpants Bootcamp and Only Pay After If Delighted...

YES. You must attend LIVE to get the cancellation instructions, the Free $197 Gift and interact with Michael Cheney

YES. Discover the simple, zero-to-hero method Michael would use to get everything back fast without paying for ads, software and being an expert

YES. Discover all these simple strategies on the live Bootcamp and have access to them permanently in the video recordings, audio recordings and written transcripts

YES. People who cancel before being billed (which takes place one day after the Bootcamp) will not be charged. People who cancel will NOT receive the Video Recordings, the Audio Recordings, the written Transcript or the Free $197 Digital Gift

YES. There is nothing to pay today and the billing of the low- one-time investment of just $67 only occurs one day after the Bootcamp and only if people are delighted with what they learn

Pay $0 Today and Then Just $67 AFTER the Bootcamp and ONLY if You Are Delighted. Cancellation Instructions Are Provided at End of Live Bootcamp:

For those people who have not already seized this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I am a little worried...

I worry there are people out there who are scared of taking action.

Some people let internal doubts stop them from succeeding online.

My message to all the cynics, skeptics and doubters is this;

It is best to walk away now.

And no - this is NOT reverse-psychology.

This is me being frank and saying if someone is not 100% certain this is for them I do not want their business.

It is not my job to persuade people on this.

The facts speak for themselves.

I can only meet people half way on this -

If they are still struggling to take action on this then it is best to leave this page.


To your success,

Michael Cheney

Michael Cheney

P.S. People get burned. People get skeptical. I get it...

I am the same way;

This is why I have removed all the risk here - just grab a ticket today, pay nothing today and attend the LIVE Bootcamp and be the judge.

Don't head back into the internet wilderness to fight alone when I can reveal every step required, LIVE, in this 1-Day interactive training.

Take the leap of faith and get rewarded;

Pay $0 Today and Then Just $67 AFTER the Bootcamp and ONLY if You Are Delighted. Cancellation Instructions Are Provided at End of Live Bootcamp:


Our results are A-TYPICAL because we are an a-typical group of people. This is why you probably won't have the same results as us. We can not promise that you'll even have similar results because we don't know if you will work as hard as us. Your success in business (and in life) depends on YOU, your aptitude, your ability, your skills, your work ethic, and many other factors out of our control. Your individual success does NOT depend on us or on this Live Bootcamp. Please read over all the legal pages below before buying.

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