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STEP 2 of 3. Learn The Timings

  • Cart is OPEN right NOW
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  • Live Bootcamp takes place on Thursday 8th July 2021
  • Launch ends at 10:00AM Eastern on Thursday 8th July 2021 (when the Bootcamp starts)

STEP 3 of 3. Use These Swipes to Make Moolah

  • ================SUBJECT: Work, build someone else's dream, die..?

    Screw that.

    Even jobs aren't safe in these covid times we're living;

    You need something more certain, something you can do from home and something you can control.

    My friend Michael Cheney has only had one job, ever.

    That was back in the late 90s and he hated it;

    No control. No future. No freedom.

    You might think;

    "It's easy for him. He's made millions online, what about me? I'm just a newbie."

    I hear you.

    That's why Cheney is going to show you the exact method he would use to make money fast, starting out from scratch.

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    SUBJECT: Free Money (yes, I just went there)...

    The self-titled gooroos on Flakebook tell you BS like;

    "You should not use the words 'free' or 'money' in your emails because people won't read them."

    They're wrong.

    They also tell you making money online takes years and deep pockets.

    They are wrong about that too.

    There is a quick, free way you can do it...

    You see - my buddy Michael Cheney has made over $6M online, and yes it's taken a while.

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    Are you sick to the back teeth, of paying for stuff which doesn't work?

    There is a lot BS out there.

    This is why my friend Michael Cheney is putting his neck and wallet on the line for you...

    He's doing a live training for you;

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    Starting from scratch;

    - No list
    - No contacts
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    SUBJECT: How To Make Money Without Spending a Dime [Newbie-Friendly]

    My friend Michael lives in Scotland.

    He hates spending money.

    He's made over $6 Million online and 93% of that has come from free methods.

    "But he has a list, contacts and a big name."

    Yes, but what if he lost it all and had no money, no list or any of that?

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    SUBJECT: 7 Reasons why YOU should attend the $6M Underpants Bootcamp

    I've been getting Qs about the live Bootcamp with Cheney...

    Here are 7 reasons why you should attend ;

    #1. Because this money method is totally newbie-friendly (anyone can do it)

    #2. Because this is a no-money down method - Michael will show you how to get income without spending a dime

    #3. Because you pay nothing to attend (you only pay the day after and only if you are absolutely blown away)

    #4. Because you will never have seen a faster or easier way to make money

    #5. Because you get to watch over Michael's shoulder as he shows you this money method and get all your questions answered

    #6. Because when else will you get to learn from a multi-millionaire, LIVE, for no money down?

    #7. Because once you copy this money method you never have to worry about your job, your boss or Covid stopping your income

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    SUBJECT: Internet Marketing is a scam

    Some people really think this and I get it;

    I know people who've lost thousands to BS programs, hustlers and scams over the years.

    So when it comes to the free money method Michael Cheney teaches inside the 6 Mil Underpants Bootcamp, you might be biting your nails thinking;

    "What if this doesn't work?"

    "Are there hidden charges and more things I need to buy?"

    This is natural, but don't panic - because he's made this as easy as possible for you;

    You can try out this free money method and if it's not for you, just get a refund, no hard feelings.

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    SUBJECT: I quit

    If this free method doesn't make you money, I quit.


    As you know by now -

    My buddy Michael Cheney has made $6 Million online, but what if he lost it all?

    What would he do starting out from scratch with no list, no knowledge and no money?

    You will find out on the LIVE $6M Underpants Bootcamp (and you can attend for free).

    Copy every single step for yourself.

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    SUBJECT: just WOW 😮

    Look what happened the last time Cheney bared all on his "$6M Underpants Bootcamp".

    (Memory Jogger - this is the LIVE 1-day Bootcamp where Cheney is going to show you everything he would do if he lost everything except his underpants and had to make it all back.)

    This is what people said last time he did this;

    "Awesome stuff. This is absolutely killer." - Jim H

    "I had a blast. I planned on reheating leftovers so I could watch instead of cooking!" - Lara Allen Fabans

    "Thanks for the Underpants Bootcamp . Excellent indeed. Will look forward to learning more, thank you."- Scott Branden

    "I love the complete step by step. Better than any course I have take. Love this quick, step by step." - Ken Lare

    "Just attended the webinar , great practical info . Cool guy." - Dr. Turlough Mci

    "Really appreciate this training. So glad to have a replay to study and work with, step by step. Thank you so much, Mr. Underpants!" - Connie Schrag

    "I also really appreciated how you kept to single specific things - not options! Very clear.Thank again" - Chris Wildgen

    "It was great. Sad for anyone who missed out" - Mike Allen


    Cheney is also giving away a $197 surprise free gift on the Bootcamp.

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    SUBJECT: $6M Underpants Bootcamp FAQ

    Q. Does this really work?

    Yes. You can follow this simple 1-2-3 method to make money online.

    You don't need any experience, any money, any products, any list or a website.

    Q. What happens if I'm the first person in the universe this doesn't work for?

    Easy. You just cancel after you attend the Bootcamp and pay nothing.

    Q. Can I do this even if I am pressed for time?

    Yes. It does take effort, but not a lot.

    Michael shows you, on screen, where to click, what to do and how to do it.

    No stone is left unturned and you can do this in your spare time.

    Q. Does this work in Spanish / German / Klingon markets and languages?

    Yes. You can apply this free money method to get results no matter where you live.

    All you need is the internet, a pulse and this link;[YOUR AFF LINK]


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